Branding Increases the Value of Money
Bucharest, 9 February 2009

Independent Project Proposes Imagination and Ideas on Romanian Banknotes

Sorin Axinte, Daniel Gavrila, Ramona Sima, Sorin Tranca and Bojan Spasic are launching, for public debate, The Unseen Values in Our Hands, a project that reconfigures the Romanian banknotes in order to better match the national aspirations, more relevant than the immediate reality. The project is available online at starting on 2 February 2009. It is the first branding-with-social-impact project brought forward by the five professionals. It is also one of the few Romanian private initiatives to spark an open public discussion on a theme apparently reserved to the state authorities only.

Romania Is the Avant-garde

The Unseen Values in Our Hands offers two creative-strategic solutions to counter the sometimes self-destructive attitudes of Romanians: a classical one, titled Romania in Avant-garde, where personalities are chosen to illustrate value, and a less conventional one, titled Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow, where the architectural elements recall the present, the surrounding reality and the concrete, while the fairy tale characters make the connection with the realm of imagination and aspiration.

"This is an idea that has naturally appeared following the questions we have been asking ourselves. It is a realistic and feasible solution with the aim to transform and improve the world we live in", states Daniel Gavrila, one of the project initiators. "We stand ready to contribute the required strategic and creative skills, would the responsible authorities be interested in this. But in fact our primary goal is to initiate a public discussion about those things which can have their value for society increased through their branding or rebranding", adds Gavrila.

Money Communicate

The project has started from the mere realization we are all using the banknotes without thinking how they look and without considering what it is they are telling about us. Nevertheless, currency is one of the first communication vectors carrying a message about the nation that is using it. Finally, as an artifact, currency is a product and a voluntary statement, as opposed to other givens, which are rather difficult to modify, such as the landscape or the individual physical features. Subsequently, the The Unseen Values in Our Hands project proposes not as much a new banknote design, but more of a new way of looking at money, a way meant to inspire and to talk about aspirations, needs and even virtues. The New Leu gives the vision of the five strategists and creatives, a vision about the future. It is progressive, optimistic, intelligent, modern, conceptual, colorful, aesthetic. At the same time it is practical, safe, full of meaning, sincere and valuable.
The Unseen Values in Our Hands project demonstrates that the new banknotes can be themselves valuable objects, both in our hands and in our wallets.